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We are a company established in Oct 2007. Our clients include G4S Technology, Sky, Motorola, Symbian, Bosch Communications Systems, LOROL and The AA

The aim of the company is to deliver complex technical solution, and to achieve customer satisfaction. We will assist our customers in achieving their goals and meeting their tight deadlines. We will go the extra mile to meet our customers demand.

Our past projects include but not limited to:

The AA

We helped in designing and implementing the system used in the AA's yellow vehicle as part of their multi-million pound fleet modernisation. Each of these recovery vehicles has a mounted system on their dashboard, which tells the AA technician where to go for the breakdown, and contains the GPS system, engine diagnostic software and an electronic documentation for all vehicles. The software that we implemented encapsulates all of these into one single easy to use interface, including security lockdown for the technician.


Bosch Communications System

We helped to implement the system for a very high end audio recorder as part of their Klark Teknik products, recording sounds digitally onto a high specification hard disk based system. These are used in recording studios in the music industry including their popular mixing desks for artists such as Oasis, Kasabian and various live performances, which could then be used to mixed down to produce MP3 songs, to be sold to consumers.


BSkyB (or popularly known as Sky)  

We helped to implement the system during their first Formula One broadcast where the producers designed the look and layout to display live drivers grid, pole positions and championships grid, including live tweets and various effects to be displayed on the TV during a live Formula One race. The data feed allows the system to automatically update the display, and the system allows the producer to switch the display to the desired templates multiple times during live broadcast. We also helped in their Cricket project and the Championships League project, in displaying the scoreboard, textual information etc on live TV.


G4S Technology

We were involved in implementing the security system for the iconic Empire State Building in New York, interfacing with another recording system developed by Milestones and various PTZ security cameras from UDP. This system includes card access, flagging of motions captured by the CCTV and various alarms to the security personnel manning the station on site.


LOROL (London Overground)

We were involved in designing and implementing the DOO system (Driver Only Operations) whereby it allows the train driver to view the train doors on a system from their seat prior to closing them during live operation, to check if there is any passenger leaning against it, or trying to hold the door open. This allows the operation to be performed safely without relying on another employee standing on the train platform. The system minimises human error, and the driver is allowed to see for himself exactly what is happening outside the platform and inside the train (especially when a passenger alarm was triggered by a passenger). In short, the driver has full visibility of the train, both inside and outside during normal operation. The system which includes video recording also allows the driver or the police to playback past recordings if there has been an incident.




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